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LUMIIMAMAWUGWE Lumiimamawugwe is Xenson’s reaction to the covid19 pandemic. During the first few days of the pandemic, as he went through his sketch book, he found sketches of portraits in masks and they were signed in 2015. Although he could not immediately remember the inspiration behind the sketches, he remembered seeing some Chinese wearing masks […]

Know thyself (Loud whispers from the ancestors)

Mag. Arts Louise Deininger As an African artist, her conceptual body of works in a contemporary sense, is focused, within the field of consciousness, spiritual science, metaphysics, self and personal development, self-leadership, critical thinking and identity: including other multidisciplinary subjects in relation to man, the environment and all of existence. She is the founder and […]

Embracing Her Essence: A Celebration of Young Women’s Creativity.

Introduction: In a world where diversity and inclusion are imperative, women have been instrumental in reshaping narratives, challenging norms, and infusing creativity into every facet of life. “Embracing Her Essence” is more than just an exhibition; it’s a profound tribute to the multifaceted brilliance of young women artists. Through their unique perspectives and artistic expressions, […]


Victoria Nabulime’s work explores the relationship of sisterhood from the lens of childhood, themes of innocence, personhood and emotion; make up this body of work that celebrates how the female body thrives in this stage of growth. Childhood is marked as a stage of development when the individual is most susceptible to social orderings, and […]

Omuntu Muntu

“Omuntu muntu” literally means the nature of the mankind that clearly describes the natural disposition of the mind for any being, his or her personal character, temper, peculiar mental characteristics and attributes that serve to distinguish him or her from other persons and all creations on earth. This can be expressed in two ways, the […]

Look one edition 2

  Look One group exhibition is annual group exhibition organized by Xenson art space. This year we will be showcasing works of five sensational and enthusiastic emerging artists and it will be the second edition as the first edition was held in 2020. The objective of Look One group exhibition is to give young and […]

Surfacing group exhibition

SURFACING elevates 12 emerging women artists based in Khartoum, Nairobi, and Kampala. The exhibition features 27 paintings exploring diverse themes and styles including nature and landscapes, portraiture, figurative, women’s rights and empowerment, social behavior, and identity. Using oil, acrylic, and mixed media on canvas, the artists are inspired by their surroundings. They combine impressionism, abstract, […]

Shadow of the Dinka

Tindi Ronnie Chris, a Ugandan visual artist and painter, is currently working on a mixed-medium collage series at his studio, Tindi colours. Using Kitenge fabrics and other materials, Tindi explores the theme of the Dinka people and their cultural heritage. The Dinka are a Nilotic ethnic group from South Sudan, known for their distinctive body […]