Art Space


LUMIIMAMAWUGWE Lumiimamawugwe is Xenson’s reaction to the covid19 pandemic. During the first few days of the pandemic, as he went through his sketch book, he found sketches of portraits in masks and they were signed in 2015. Although he could not immediately remember the inspiration behind the sketches, he remembered seeing some Chinese wearing masks […]

The Passport Exhibition

The passport exhibition explores the plight of young people especially girls; looking for green pastures out of their countries and end up in the snares of human trafficking. Human trafficking in Uganda and across the world is a vice that is going on and is hardly given enough attention. Artists; Katesi Jacqueline and Kasirisimbi Tadeo […]

Friend Request

The digital has offered opportunity for exchanges and interaction amongst individuals. The level of connectivity, the globe has right now; is unprecedented and the transfer of knowledge and experiences has never had better tools and with that the hunger to reconnect to ancestries and origins has intensified. In Remmy Sserwadda’s work individual identities separated and […]