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The digital has offered opportunity for exchanges and interaction amongst individuals. The level of connectivity, the globe has right
now; is unprecedented and the transfer of knowledge and experiences has never had better tools and with that the hunger to reconnect to ancestries and origins has intensified.

In Remmy Sserwadda’s work individual identities separated and spliced by histories and geographies seek to unite in ways that are not
only digital, because that is too ephemeral, Remmy imagines a homecoming  message, a sort of restitution.

This desire for the repatriation of the African diaspora may be in conflict with globalist worldviews of international citizenry, but
Remmy feels that if this worldview as it is has no place for the African (as recent events have continued to demonstrate outright exclusion
and hate) then they should return back “home”. This perspective is not yet fully fleshed out maybe very problematic, but if Africa is not
entirely a persuasive and viable option for the black body then where is/will be?

Remmy’s friend request comes with this note:

So here I am reaching out to the hopeless and faithless To the faint hearted and broken To the victims of racism To the lonely and the vagabond. The sick and the confused, And to the lost souls of African descent from all corners of the world, To any African reading we are Africa and Africa is here for you

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