Art Space

Our Programs

Film Screenings

Film is one of the mediums used to tell our stories and share our culture.
Through the film screening program, we work with film makers and distributors to screen films in our Backyard.

This offers an alternative space for a community to watch stories in a different setting but also creating an income for the film producers and the actors.


Living Library

This program is aimed at connecting the artists, collectors, Art enthusiasts of the older generation with the young generation, so they can share their wealth of knowledge and experience while being celebrated by the art community.

A visit is made to the artists’, collector and Art enthusiast studio and is interviewed and the visit culminates into a physical art talk between the artists and the art community. We get to highlight the works of the artists, their contribution to the community and also the artists get to interact and ask them question. This brings about networking and a bond within the art community.

Through Living Library, we get to document the works of the artists, collector and Art enthusiasts their experience which is very essential in research and to know about the Arts in Uganda. It is a recorded session for each artist, which will be made available to the public through Xenson Artspace YouTube.

Live performances and Fashion pop ups

In partnership with artists and other organization we hold live performance for different art forms like Poetry, music, fashion shows and pop ups, dance and film screenings to open up the space to a wider community of people and open up networking opportunities.

Through these performances, artists earn an income but also brings together the different forms of art, giving people the opportunity to learn and appreciate other forms of Art.

Different art forms are appreciated in one place and supported.

Artist skilling workshops

We believe that learning does not stop; and with the evolving technology and changing market trends, artists need to harness new skills that will help them improve their work and grow their career in the arts industry both locally and internationally and also be impactful to their communities. 

This is carried out through workshops, competitions and Art talks, with relevant topics out of the need for the artists growth and community.

We work with different partners who support the workshops and trainings.