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Victoria Nabulime’s work explores the relationship of sisterhood from the lens of childhood, themes of innocence, personhood and emotion; make up this body of work that celebrates how the female body thrives in this stage of growth. Childhood is marked as a stage of development when the individual is most susceptible to social orderings, and in societies that oppress the female and from this sisters form close bonds to shield themselves, heal themselves and hide.

Curator Note by Trevor Mukholi

“She shines so bright, she lights up the whole world, so

bold and courageous, pure, loving and beautiful. Her

skin shines like black diamonds such a rare treasure. She

has a golden and pure heart, flawless, furious, kind,

gentle and brave. Just like a rose flower in the desert, she

stands out.

There is no pain she can’t handle, she is strong enough to withstand all the obstacles that she comes across

She strives to achieve her goals, even with all the hardships

of life.

“Sister’s” explores themes of sisterhood, coming of age

and the resilience of the female spirit.”

By Victoria Nabulime.

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